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Would you like to spend $2500 to cure your insomnia?

Insomnia can be expensive; from a $60,000 bed to a sleep pod in a luxury hotel - some insomnia cures certainly don't come cheap. Now a hotel in London wants to get in on the 'desperate to spend' demographic with an insomnia package.

At up to $2,500 per night, the Milestone Hotel in Kensington now offers a Sound Sleep Experience package. It includes a session with a sleep coach, a spa treatment and a list of sleeping tips. An intrepid insomniac from the Financial Times was invited to the hotel to give the package a try. Unfortunately she still needed a mirtazapine pill to fall asleep, but she sure did enjoy the luxurious hotel.

Visiting a qualified sleep coach can certainly be beneficial; we expect that's the most useful part of the package. However, we'd recommend speaking with your doctor and seeking a local sleep specialist instead. As for the list of sleeping tips, reading our blog and joining our insomnia help forum is absolutely free.

If Insomnia Land helps you with your insomnia but you're still desperate to spend thousands of dollars, don't hesitate to send a check for $2,500 our way!

Source: Slate

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Last updated: October 25, 2011

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