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You call yourself an insomniac, but you ARE sleeping

Have you ever heard of the condition sleep state misperception? Those who suffer from it feel as though they aren't getting any sleep, when in fact they're getting plenty (or at least far more than they think).

As an example, one individual sought help after getting only three hours of sleep each night.

After a sleep study was conducted, it was determined that the individual was actually getting six hours of sleep.

Apparently, when an electroencephalogram is used, researchers can determine just how long someone is asleep for - and in this case, even though the individual swore they were again only asleep for about three hours, the instruments said otherwise.

It appears that brain waves are much faster and brain metabolism is at a higher level in those suffering from sleep state misperception.

If you feel sleep deprived but your spouse is insisting you sleep through the night, you might want to discuss this specific condition with your doctor.

Source: Arizona Daily Sun

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Last updated: September 25, 2014

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